The Stolen Bride

Written by Olivia West

Lindsey Thomas is at the top of her game. With a successful career, fabulous friends and Patrick Crawford, her wonderful fiancé, her life is just where she wants it. That is, until Patrick dumps her the night of their engagement party. Brokenhearted, Lindsey heads to her best friend Kate’s family beach house to heal, as it is temporarily vacant and she hopes some alone time at the beach will help her feel better. But when Kate’s brother, novelist Harris Welling, shows up unexpectedly, things get complicated. Harris insists that she stay at the house as he is only there to get some work done before the rest of the family arrives the following week, and Lindsey agrees, despite her reservations. Lindsey soon finds herself drawn to her best friend’s handsome older brother. So soon after her disastrous breakup, she tries her best to resist the growing chemistry between them, but she cannot deny her feelings and a relationship quickly develops. However, when Patrick pops back into her life unexpectedly wanting to be with her again, she is forced to make a choice … but will she make the right one?



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