The Snowman: Prequel to the Detective Quaid Mysteries

Written by Yolanda Renée
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

It takes a true artist to pursue his victims in the art of seduction, and Stowy Jenkins is no exception, especially with blood as his medium.


Stowy Jenkins, aka, Stone, and as Alaskans refer to him, the Snowman, is a true artist. His muse, Gigi, is the ultimate inspiration for his painting. Her rejection inspires him to use a very unusual medium…blood.

While art may be his passion, the taste for blood is his obsession, and multiple murders, the result.

Rookie, Detective Steven Quaid, is no fan of the Snowman’s murderous exhibitions. A twisted and deadly relationship bond the two men and neither knows who will come out of it alive.


Dark crimson fluid flowed into the bucket under the table. Death accepted Stone’s masterpiece with open arms.

The staccato clicks of Stone’s trusty Nikon punctuated Maggy’s last moments.


Little by little, he added the formaldehyde to the viscous mixture, stirring it vigorously. Dipping his brush into its freshness, he began painting. Swirls, splattered droplets, and elongated dribbles soon filled the canvas. Waves of joy rose up from his deepest being, and a sense of satisfaction overwhelmed him. This creation will be my best. The addition of formaldehyde will keep the red as vibrant as the fountain of blood gushing from my Maggie May.

A maniacal laugh broke the silence. “Rouge d’Amour will be the star of my masterpiece! It will leave art lovers and critics breathless.”



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