The Sleeper Must Awaken (The Twenty-Sided Eye Series Book 3)

Written by Kip Terrington
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Joe has the power. The question is, can he hold on to it?

The malevolent kingdom of the night is now aware of his presence. A confrontation is guaranteed, just as Rook intended.

Joe provides freedom to the oppressed and enslaved. They flock to his banner. His nine-to-five job is gone forever, for a ruler of a kingdom never sleeps.

He believes this magical world is a game designed for fun, with no real consequences, but he couldn’t be more wrong. His AI partner is starting to see this new reality for what it is.

Will Joe, in his ignorance, continue to defeat every opponent? Or, in order to survive, must he be awakened?

Someone’s going to die the final death, there’s no way around that. Only who?

From an Amazon Bestseller in Superhero Science Fiction, Kip Terrington continues The Twenty-Sided Eye Series. Combining his various passions, this series involves: world building, an Artificial Intelligence, LitRPG / GameLit, merging with the machine: Cyberpunk, science fiction, fantasy, character development, booger humor, and some moral dilemmas to boot.



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