The Skye Sisters

Written by Desiree .

The order of this series is as followed. Bambino, Opium, Delirious, and what you’re about to read. The Skye Sisters. With this story…I don’t know yall. I honestly have no way of explaining this. Alot of secrets are revealed, drama finally reveals itself. People aren’t who they say they are. People get shot. Protest are heard. Folks marching throughout the streets of Atlanta for justice. Violence, and crime break out. Young Loso signs his death wish on stage during a live show..Somehow these girls Tuesday, Monae, Savannah, and Devyn in the end, remained friends through it all. All while these Skye Sisters…these dark, rootworking women step foot in Atlanta and unknowingly unleash the inner rage, drama, and secrets of everyone that they come in contact with.
Supernatural events may or may not occur in this book. You’ve been warned.
…None of this makes since what I just wrote in the synopsis, but if you’re following this series? Chances are, you’re probably lowkey not even reading this or caring. Just downloading, and reading it.



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