The Siren’s Call 3: A Last Chance For Love (Last Chance Romance Series)

Written by Abigail Keam

Unhappy? Problems? Then come to the Last Chance Motel!

River Egan is a widower on vacation with his daughter and grandson. Having spent many wonderful vacations at the Last Chance Motel, River returns to relive his past, but finds he can’t. Time has moved on, and so has the Last Chance Motel. It is now called the Pink Flamingo Motel and has a new owner, Eva Hanover Bishop.

Not ready to park himself in a rocking chair, River vows to begin his life anew. It doesn’t hurt that Eva Bishop’s mother-in-law, Mary is attractive, vital, and near his age.

The problem is that Mary doesn’t return River’s enthusiasm.

River has a solution. He’ll just charm Mary until she sees things his way, but Mary turns the tables on him. Will River get a second chance at love? Or will Mary give River the heave-ho? Love has a way of entering hearts at the Last Chance Motel.

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