The Signal: A First Contact That Would Drag Our World Towards Armageddon. (Earth Song Book 0)

Written by Nick Cook
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

For decades radio telescopes have scoured the skies for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence but have found none. Why? 

Could it be we really are alone in the universe? Or is it that the truth has been withheld from us by a global conspiracy of silence?

When radio telescope operators Lauren Stelleck, a woman with a special gift enabling her to literally see certain sounds, and Steve Andrews, a diehard sci-fi geek, detect a signal like no other at Jodrell Bank in England, a chain of events is unleashed that propels Earth towards all-out nuclear war. Can Lauren and Steve unlock the secret of the signal before our species tears itself apart?

The Signal is a prequel novella to the Earth Song series and the Fractured Light trilogy, and is part of the Multiverse Chronicles, an epic series of interlinked stories that follows the struggle of humanity to survive across parallel universes.

Watch the skies because the darkness is coming for us.

Author Note: For my friends across the Pond please note this book is written in UK English and uses single quotes rather than double ones. Yes, Brits are weird like that! Please also note that there is the occasional use of strong language in The Signal and the story deals with adult themes. Recommended age is 16+.

Suggested reading order of the Multiverse Chronicles

(1) The Signal

(2) The Fractured Light trilogy (Fractured Light, Fading Light, Death of Light).

(3) The Earth Song series (Earth Song and coming soon, Earth Cry).

You could alternatively skip the Fractured Light trilogy and head straight to the Earth Song series.



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