The Shift: Book II of the Wildfire Saga

Written by Marcus Richardson
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

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America is on the brink of civil war.
His country under attack and his SEAL Team decimated, it’s up to Cooper to find a brilliant virologist behind enemy lines in Boston. With multinational troops closing in, Cooper must use all his skills to bring Dr. Boatner to safety. The fate of the world depends on it—the weaponized-virus ravaging America is mutating and time is running out for mankind.

If he can rescue the scientist, victory will be within Cooper’s reach when a bold strike, deep into Occupied California is proposed. The objective: to decapitate the North Korean invasion before civil war tears the country apart. Cooper and his surviving SEALs will be the tip of the spear—they’ll get first crack at retribution if they survive the mutating virus.

Meanwhile, Chad Huntley decides on a risky escape from Russian captivity with the help of a beautiful, yet dangerous woman named 13. For the first time since The Great Pandemic, Chad is master of his own destiny and he’s going to reclaim his freedom or die trying.

The Shift is a full-throttle thrill ride through the apocalyptic world of Apache Dawn.



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