The Shaman and the Angel. Russian Historical Fiction Short Stories: A prequel to the Russian Treasures Series

Written by Elvira Baryakina

Klim Rogov, the sole heir to the fortune of a noble family, has disappeared without a trace on April 21, 1907.
His father has announced a reward for any information about his son; Russia’s finest detectives have tried to track Klim down but to no avail.

Only Klim’s fifteen-year-old cousin, Lubochka, has any idea what has happened, but she is keeping silent. There is little point trying to explain to adults the nature of the mysterious force that has commanded Klim to leave home, come what may.

The Shaman and the Angel is two heartwarming, inspiring short stories of young people who try to break the rules and uncover their true calling.

It is a prequel to Russian Treasures, a compelling series of historical novels written by Elvira Baryakina, a master of emotionally resonant romantic thrillers. For more than a decade, her sensual, highly original prose has inspired thousands of aspiring writers, making her one of the most sought-after literary gurus in the Russian-speaking world.

Now her best books are presented to the English-speaking audience who appreciates uplifting and insightful historical fiction.



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