The Sausage Cookbook Vol.1: Sausage Making Recipes [50 Fresh Sausage Recipes and 18 Cured Sausage Recipes]

Written by Julie Hatfield

Today, sausage is readily available in markets across the world. You can find them in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of flavors. However, the secret is out: you can make these versatile treats at home, with a tight budget, and at the same time guaranteeing the quality of the ingredients you put into them.

This recipe book is categorized by the types of meats used and strives to provide a great variety; from traditional hot Italian sausage, to world cuisine influences such as Boudin, Bratwurst and Chorizo. You will also venture into recipes going out of the ordinary; from gamey venison sausage to the infamous black pudding. Whether you prefer to make fresh sausages or cured ones like the well-known salami, this book will guide you through the process of making them. Add these sausages in your favorite dishes, in sandwiches or enjoy eating them as a snack.

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