The Sage Stone Prophecy (Arkana Mysteries Book 7)

Written by N. S. Wikarski

Award-Nominated as Best Mystery of the Month (L.A.S. Reviews)

For Fans of Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Alternative History, and Archaeology Adventure 

The Arkana Series
An ancient civilization hovers on the brink of collapse. Besieged by invaders, it entrusts its most precious artifacts to a band of guardians who hide the objects where no one can find them. Three thousand years later, two rival factions launch a global hunt to recover the cache. The Arkana wants to preserve it for posterity. The Nephilim wants to exploit it for a darker purpose. Caught in the crossfire is a reluctant psychic whose visions might offer the only chance of salvaging their coveted treasure.

Volume 7 – The Sage Stone Prophecy
In the series finale, the Nephilim and the Arkana scour the farthest reaches of the planet for the hiding place of the legendary relic known as the Sage Stone. At the same time, mortal danger threatens friends and foes alike as the cult’s leader pushes humanity to the brink of extinction.

The fate of the world hinges on the outcome of a final confrontation with both factions pinning all their hopes on a prophecy that might not mean exactly what it says. If you’ve followed this saga from the beginning, THE SAGE STONE PROPHECY reveals at long last who will claim the most sought-after relic of all and how many others will lose their lives trying.



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