THE RESURRECTION TOUR DIARIES: A Man Of Bad Humour (The Shooting Star Series)

Written by Simon Northouse

The diary of a reluctant and grumpy rock star, his dysfunctional band, a dodgy tour manager and the reunion tour from hell!

This is his acerbic and hilarious tale of life on the road.

“If you like Ben Elton, David Sedaris, Nick Hornby and the like … you’ll love this!”


“I’ve already explained how important it is to keep one’s body adequately fuelled, hydrated and exercised while touring. But, I forgot to mention another equally important rule. One must keep the brain engaged!

The mind must be stimulated on a daily basis to ward off the ravages of dementia and senility. The fact is, life on the road can be extremely boring for most of the time.

From hotel to coach, from coach to hotel, from hotel to drug dealer, from drug dealer to brothel, from brothel to sound-check; the whole thing can become mind-numbing!

And then, there’s the added danger of inadvertently talking to the road crew—these sort of interactions can leave one’s brain in permanent stasis.”



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