The Radio Operator: Robert Ford’s Last Stand in the Fight to Save Tibet (Kindle Single)

Written by James McGrath Morris

The riveting true tale of Englishman Robert Ford heroic efforts to remain by Tibet’s last existing radio link to the outside world when China conquered the mountainous nation in 1950, from acclaimed biographer James McGrath Morris, author of the New York Times bestseller Eye on the Struggle.

Hired by the Tibetan government, Royal Air Force veteran Robert W. Ford put together a radio communications network for a nation that had up to this time relied on messages carried by foot over the highest mountains on the globe. More important, his radio connected the secluded nation to the outside world. When in October 1950 the Communist Chinese army began its march to subjugate Tibet, Ford risked his life by staying behind to send out reports over his radio to let the world know of the attack. The Radio Operator is an overdue and gripping recounting of Ford’s valiant effort to save Tibet from Chinese domination and his subsequent capture and imprisonment.

James McGrath Morris is the author of the New York Times bestselling Eye on the Struggle as well as two other acclaimed biographies. His previous Kindle Single, Revolution by Murder, was selected as one of the Best Kindle Singles of 2014. His next book, The Ambulance Drivers, will be published in 2017.

Cover design by Kerry Ellis.



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