The Published Professional: How Self-Publishing Can Help Build Your Brand, Attract More Clients, And Increase Sales

Written by Rob Archangel
Category: · Business & Money

Tap into a powerful resource and get ahead of the competition!

If you’re in business, you should publish a book. Why? Publishing a book allows entrepreneurs like you to leverage your knowledge and experience in a way that enhances your brand and builds credibility with your audience.

The opportunities to build your brand, court clients and establish credibility and prestige in your chosen industry have increased immeasurably – all for a relatively small investment.

But how do you navigate the self-publishing process and not waste time, money and energy? Enter Rob Archangel and his team at Archangel Ink. His book, The Published Professional: How Self-Publishing Can Help Build Your Brand, Attract More Clients and Increase Sales, offers a no-nonsense collection of insights into the world of self-publishing to help you understand the immense potential of self-publishing and how it can benefit your business… in ways far beyond the royalties earned. Inside you’ll also discover:

  • 20 reasons why you absolutely should write a book.

  • How publishing a book can provide distinct advantages in your content marketing efforts.

  • The benefits of “doubling down on your strengths” and enlisting professional help to address weaknesses.

  • Why inaction and failure to publish may cost more than making the investment.

  • Other nuggets of wisdom from someone who’s experienced every side of publishing: the good, the bad and the ugly.

What if you had a working business card that could do far more than just tell someone your name, your title and how they could contact you? That’s the potential self-publishing a book offers to entrepreneurs just like you. Build your brand, increase your sales and move a step ahead of your competition. Check out The Published Professional today!



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