The Power of Speaking Life: How to Develop a Positive Attitude, Influence People, and Conquer the Odds by Speaking the Right Words

Written by Caleb Galaraga
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We speak about 16,000 words a day and an average man will say around 370 million in his lifetime.

Words guide us from the day we are born and our existence is filled with interactions, conversations, and utterances that will either enrich us or without us even knowing, lead to our demise.

The question is: Do the words you speak enrich your life, strengthen your relationships, and enlarges your life’s possibilities? Or does your speech invite misery, hopelessness and broken friendships?

You have 16,000 chances in a day to speak the right words.The Power of Speaking Life is your roadmap to getting it right so that you can develop a positive attitude, influence others, and conquer the odds by speaking the right words.

“There are some books you read once. And other books that you reread because they are that rare gem of a book that provides the universal truth by which to live your life. This book falls into the second category. Caleb’s book is one that anyone who aspires to a higher quality of life needs to read – the fact that the writing flows so well and beautifully is just a bonus. 5 stars.”
Akash Karia, #1 Bestselling Author of 23 Storytelling Techniques from TED Talks

“May the principles and values presented in this book help and guide you in making your mouth a fountain of life to every person you meet, every person you work with and every individual you cross path with.”
Efren G. Penaflorida, Jr. , Founder of Dynamic Teen Company and CNN Hero of the Year 2009

While the kind of news making headlines around the world feature stories of despair and hopelessness, the Power of Speaking Life is a relevant and powerful book packed with life-giving principles and solutions about how our words can transform our lives. 

Anne Jamon, Travel blogger

We are all sick of the habit of negative self-talk. It affects our lives and most especially our ability to recover from failures. Caleb Galaraga writes us a prescription for this “illness”: Speaking life. The book delves on our need to have a sharp dosage of healing words in our daily life and provides principles on how to develop the habit of speaking life. 

Matthieu Huang, Entrepreneur



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