The Power and The Fury (Eden Chronicles Book 1)

Written by James Erith

First, they must survive.

Propelled from their classroom, Daisy, Archie, and Isabella stumble into an extraordinary quest.

To find the source of life itself.

The Garden of Eden.

But they are not alone.

A primeval force stands in their way.

And it seeks its revenge from a long, long time ago.

Now, the children of our present must conquer the evils of the past to save our future.

Pick up your copy of The Power and the Fury for a roller-coaster ride of adventure, wonder, twists and thrills. A book that is delighting adults and children alike.

Set in the evocative heart of England amongst the ancient villages of the Yorkshire Moors, you’re invited to lose yourself in a startling adventure that will carry you into another dimension.

Praise for Eden Chronicles:

“A fantasy adventure so fresh and richly descriptive. I can see it as film already.”

“A thrilling, young adult tale full of mystery and wonder. These books should be mandated in schools.”

“I was transported to a fabulously exciting, brilliantly written and imaginative world. Excellent language and sensationally visual.” 

“… a roller-coaster adventure with magic dream-spinning spiders … loyal friends, school bullies, gnarly old folk and a lot of water!” 

“Funny, insightful, moving.”

“…this is A Very Good Read Indeed.” 

 “An amazing book and a brilliant choice for our Book Club! We read it, discussed it, loved it .” 

James Erith’s Eden Chronicles Books are:

The Power and The Fury

Spider Web Powder

The Chamber of Truth

**NEW** The Dragon’s Game

Eden Chronicles Books Set: Books 1-3



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