The Photographers Missing “Link”edIn: Your Step by Step Guide on How to Make a Ton of Money on LinkedIn

Written by Jeff Brown
Category: · Arts & Photography


If you’re a photographer and you want to make a lot more money this book is a must!

90% of Photographers are failing to use LinkedIn correctly.
LinkedIn is a gold mine for photographers like us and when used correctly you can easily build a very healthy income just spending around 40 minutes to an hour per day putting into practise the easy to follow method in this book.

This book takes you step by step through my full tried and tested LinkedIn Success Formula that has helped 1000’s of photographers around world make a ton of money on this awesome social media platform.

Turn your LinkedIn account into a Money Making Machine

– You’ll learn how to discover your photography niche
– Build a killer LinkedIn profile that is fully optimised an easy to find
– I’ll give you the scripts and easy to follow connection hacks that will gain you 1000’s of followers in just a few months
– I’ll show you how to turn your followers and connections into paying clients without trying to sell your services

Every day businesses and business people are searching for photographers on LinkedIn and most of you are missing out on a huge potential to earn a 6 figure income from this platform alone.

As photographers our services are in demand now more than ever, companies are crying out for quality professional images for their websites and social media pages. But its not just commerical and freelance photographers who can make a huge income from LinkedIn, Wedding and Portrait Photographers are in high demand from business people too.

The average income of a LinkedIn professional is over $70,000 these are the people who have the high disposable income to spend on your Wedding Photography packages or have beautful portraits of their familes created in your studio.

Whatever your photography market LinkedIn is guaranteed to work for you and you’ll see results in just a matter of week all you need is to follow this book to the letter and be consistant.

I work on a One 2 One basis with photographers around the world with over 30,000 followers on social media and helped 1000’s of photographers turn their businesses around and achieve their dreams. This book is your key to doing exactly that.



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