The Pattern Ship (The Pattern Universe Book 1)

Written by Tobias Roote
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Zeke’s on the run from government scientists who want a piece of him; and now an alien wants him too, or more precisely the piece of exotic meteorite that’s moulded to his skull. To get it the alien has to get Zeke to give it up, but knows the extraction will kill the human. Then there’s the Nubl, an enemy artificial species who will eradicate all biological life on Earth. Time and space are running out for all of them.

Follow Zeke as his world changes from homeless bum to world leader in the blink of an eye. Where a budding relationship with an alien AI binds two worlds together in POD, the second novel in the series. Sky City and Nubl Wars conclude the story, but expect more to come as the exploration of a world where Artificial Sentience, Humanity and Transhumanism fight for the right to exist within the same space.

The Pattern Universe spans the emergence of humanity and its integration into a multi-species universe where Artis Prime gives you a glimpse of what may be to come.



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