The Path to Courage: 7 Steps to Follow Your Soul Song and Live Your Happily EPIC After

Written by Debbie Burns
Category: · Business & Money

You know you are meant for something bigger—a Sacred Rebel called to change the world. Your Soul Song asks you to play bigger, be bolder, and create a life of meaning and impact.

But who are you to do great things? How do you move from where you are now toward what you want most? And what do you do when fear, doubt, and mental-gremlin chatter whispers that Happily EPIC After is for other people, not you?

In The Path to Courage, you’ll learn the secret to living a life of fulfillment aligned with your Big Dream. (Hint: It starts with being willing, not ready.) Through rich stories and real-life experiences, you will be captivated as Deb shares the practical steps you need to:

*Discover what’s really holding you back from your greatness
*Identify the qualities that make you exactly the right person to follow your Soul Song
*Learn to love all of you (not just the shiny parts)
*Find the power in your personal story and use it to connect with others
*Starve out the haters and trolls
*Surround yourself with people who will help you move forward
*Develop a pattern of success
*And more

Come step into a world where glitter cannons and super squishy hugs meet practical personal development principles and inspired action to help you create the Happily EPIC After you desire. Your Big Dream isn’t just possible; it’s inevitable when you walk the path to courage and find your way to let your soul sing!



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