The Officer and the Entrepreneur: A True Story (Kindle Single)

Written by Dan Slater

A riveting, heartbreaking true short story about an ex–college football star turned soldier, an entrepreneur turned DEA agent, and the internet trap that changed their lives.

When African American football star Kevin Corley led a US Army platoon through the war in Afghanistan, he assumed his loyalty and sacrifice would advance his place in the world. But between deployments, Corley fell in love with a fellow soldier’s wife, and his once-promising future disappeared. His life in wreckage, Corley answered a new call of duty, unaware that he was walking into a ruse orchestrated by one of the government’s most enterprising agents.

The laggard pace of policing at the DEA bored special agent John Leonard, until the former kickboxer and entrepreneur discovered the crime-fighting potential of the internet. By posing online as an underworld figure, Leonard could set elaborate traps for those who were predisposed to crime. But the line between justice and deviance was narrower than Leonard suspected. When he lured Lieutenant Corley into his scheme, he didn’t know how wrong it would go. And Corley had no idea he had so much left to lose.



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