The Note: A CSI Eddie Collins short story

Written by Andrew Barrett

I’m Eddie Collins, a CSI.

Ever had that feeling of being watched but when you turn around no one’s there?

I have.

It was raining, and I was working a murder scene around midnight when that prickle ran up my spine. If I’d listened to that feeling, if I’d thought back to my past, maybe I could have prevented the terror that was to come.

Back at the office, I found a death threat on my desk.

I had no idea who sent it or why they wanted to kill me.

But I was about to find out.

If you like fast-paced crime thrillers with a forensic slant, raw emotions, and characters that reach out of the book and grab you by the throat, you’ll love Andrew Barrett’s CSI Eddie Collins series.
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What people are saying about The Note.

“Barrett combines a unique ability to weave a story with his expert knowledge of forensic science that will keep readers hooked. In Eddie Collins, Barrett has created a gutsy yet vulnerable investigator who gets under your skin. In addition, Barrett has the rare gift of being able to inject humour into a scene without compromising the tension. Eddie Collins has arrived and isn’t going anywhere. His creator is one to watch out for – a real talent.”
Betsy Reavley Freeman, author of Frailty and The Optician’s Wife.

“Gritty and terrifying, with an unexpected twist, Andy Barrett’s powerful narrative grips and shocks.”
Leigh Russell, author of the DI Geraldine Steel, and DS Ian Peterson series.

“The Note is jam packed with drama, hard hitting and often brutal scenes, twists and turns abound make this a highly charged story.”

“What a gripping read, I loved it.”

“Power-packed, explosive introduction to Eddie Collins.”

“I felt I was actually there with Eddie, although he didn’t listen to me when I told him to RUN.”

“A new master’s in Thriller Town and he’s here to stay. A pulse-quickening, brain-teasing adventure. Thriller writing doesn’t get any better than this.”

“The story was gripping, the emotional turmoil facing Eddie was palpable throughout. You felt the tense nervousness gripping him over the few short hours the story covers. The dialogue is believable, clear, without affectations and not contrived.”

“Enjoy at your own risk!”

“Sarcasm and black humour, action aplenty, this is a winner.”

“I love Eddie Collins. He is one of my favourite characters and I do struggle with the idea that he’s not real.”

“If you like a little shiver, and the hairs standing up on the back of your neck, you can’t go wrong here!”

“I loved this Eddie story and I want his dictionary! Eddie says and thinks what we would like to say and do.”

“There is a lot of dark humour in this which had me laughing aloud.”



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