The New Marquess (Wardington Park) (A Regency Romance Book)

Written by Eleanor Meyers

When Lady Philomena Housley finds herself proposed to by the Marquess of Durham, she only hesitates a day before agreeing- never mind that she’s never met the gentleman in her life.

But … her hopes of happiness are shattered when she finally meets the man.
As circumstances escalate, it seems only right to end their engagement, no matter the toll it takes on her reputation… or her heart.

Lord Morgan Platt was happy as a second son and a spy for the British.
He never wanted his mother in charge of choosing his wife.

But … since he was incapable of doing anything about the situation, he sets into his new life.
Life becomes harder when he realizes that the woman he’s supposed to marry is also the ward of his greatest enemy.

Their union is a threat to the nation’s security… and to his very soul. 


If it’s a choice between the love of a woman and the loyalty to his country, Morgan only has one choice.

He’s just not sure what it is. 

Can Morgan and Philomena save the kingdom and their engagement?
Or will London’s greatest enemy finally win?

Page Count: around 370 pages



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