The Neighbor’s Secret: A Secret Billionaire Romance

Written by Kimberley Montpetit

A Secret Billionaire Romance is a new series by Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, Kimberley Montpetit

After being left at the altar on her wedding day, businesswoman Allie Strickland returns to her hometown to heal her broken heart. But Heartland Cove County is a small town of Victorian homes and quirky, gossiping citizens.

Grieving the trauma of her ex-fiancé’s betrayal and overwhelmed by her clingy mother, Allie rents the first available house she can find. But on the very first night, Allie’s peace is violated by an unexpected intruder who breaks into the house while she’s taking a bubble bath. An intruder with an alias and old ties to Heartland Cove.

Forced by unusual circumstances to share the same rental house, Allie’s suspicions of the man grow—even as she finds herself attracted to him. But is Ethan Smith merely a freelancer on a magazine assignment—or an undercover spy for the mayor who wants to ruin the charming town by running a new highway through for his own profit?

Is Ethan Smith friend or foe? Enemy or lover?

Secret Billionaire Romance #2 releases in early March.

(The book is set in New Brunswick with occasional Canadian spellings).

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