The Nashville Series – Book Five – Amazed

Written by Inglath Cooper

A Contemporary Romance set in the heart of country music. . .Nashville.

Thomas Franklin has pretty much everything he’s ever wanted in life.

Along with his two best friends in the world, he’s part of Barefoot Outlook, a superstar band in the country music world. And if he’s a little bit envious of the love Holden and CeCe have found in one another, he can accept the fact that he’s had more than his share of good fortune.

Finding a girl like CeCe? Well, that’s pretty much once in a lifetime.

In spite of Holden’s constant harassment about his playboy reputation, Thomas is content to play the field. Until, that is, his past finds its way into the present when he agrees to do a charity gig in Virginia with Case Phillips. There, he crosses paths with the only girl who had ever stolen his heart for real.

The last thing Lila Bellamy expects on the night her best friend Macy takes her out for a birthday celebration is to find herself face to face with Thomas Franklin.

Seven years earlier, still haunted by the tragedy of her mother’s death, Lila had found comfort in Thomas, and during the hours they were together, let herself forget for just a little while. It had taken nothing more than the light of day for her to realize that one night was all they were ever going to be.

Even though they had never seen each other again in all these years, Lila had never forgotten him. And not just because he had since become famous. Lila has another reason, one she’s never wanted him to find out about. But as she well knows, life can change overnight. And Thomas Franklin is about to change hers all over again.



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