The Mermaid: an Everland Ever After…Tail

Written by Caroline Lee

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She’s determined to make a splash in his world…but what will she have to give up in the bargain? 

As a performer in a traveling Gypsy freak show, Marina has seen her share of the world. Secretly, she’d give anything to settle down in a nice little town, in a nice little house, with nice little neighbors. And, perhaps, a very nice not-so-little man. So when Skipper King surprises her by seeing past her bizarre appearance, and charming her with his stories and jokes, Marina begins to hope that he–and Everland, WY–could be part of her future.
Desperate to sail once more, Skip has found the only place in the world where he can truly be himself. It’s only a matter of days until his new boat is complete, and he’ll be whole again. He’s not interested in being distracted by Neptune’s Collections of Wonders…until he sees the intriguing opening act. The Girl With The Fish’s Tail is fierce, graceful, exotic, and utterly fascinating, and not just because Skip is a former sailor. The more time he spends with his new mermaid friend, the more charmed he is. 
 The troupe’s famed fortune teller offers Marina a deal: she can live in Skipper’s world, but she’ll have to give up something in the bargain. Something so precious, Marina won’t realize its value until it’s too late. Is gaining her dreams worth the price?
The Everland series has a Heat Level of 1/5 (suitable for all audiences)
The Brides of Everland, Ever After

Step into Everland, Wyoming, where the people on the street are more than what they appear, and there’s just a hint of magic in the air. From evil villains to mysterious godmothers, handsome cowboys to hidden princesses… welcome to Everland, Ever After.

Little Red (Rojita + Hank)
Ella (Ella + Ian)
Beauty (Arabella + Vincenzo)
The Stepmother (Meri + Jack)
Rapunzelle (Zelle + Dmitri)
Briar Rose (Briar + Gordon)
Rose Red, a Christmas Tale (Rose + Bear)
The Mermaid (Marina + Skipper)

The Prince’s Pea (Penelope + Micah)



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