The Memoirs of Colonel John S. Mosby

Written by John S. Mosby
Category: · History

John Singleton Mosby, the ‘Gray Ghost’, was one of the most effective military leaders of the American Civil War.

Leading his cavalry unit, known as Mosby’s rangers, he hit the Union Army time and time again with lighting raids.

After these raids were done his troops would seemingly melt away, blending in with local farmers and townspeople.

In his memoirs, first published in 1917, he gives a thrilling account of his tactics.

This book is a fascinating account that covers Mosby’s entry into the Confederate army, daily life within it and major battles including Manassas and Gettysburg.

“No other figure of the Civil War became during his lifetime such a storybook legend as Colonel John Singleton Mosby, the audacious and resourceful Confederate soldier who, operating in sight of the Capitol dome with a handful of undisciplined guerrillas, performed prodigies in breaking up Union communications and capturing or putting to flight detachments of Union troops that were often far larger than his own.”–Edmund Wilson, Patriotic Gore

“Since the close of the war, I have come to know Colonel Mosby personally, and somewhat intimately. . . .There were probably but few men in the South who could have commanded successfully a separate detachment, in the rear of an opposing army and so near the border of hostilities, as long as he did without losing his entire command.”–Ulysses S. Grant

John Singleton Mosby (1833-1916) studied at the University of Virginia and was admitted to the Virginia Bar in 1854. Upon the secession of Virginia he entered the Confederate military service and subsequently formed an independent cavalry unit which operated behind Union lines in a region that came to be known as OMosbyOs Confederacy.O After the war, Mosby held several U.S. Government posts, including a consulship in Hong Kong.

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