The Mardi Gras Chase (True Girls)

Written by Maggie M. Larche
Category: · Children’s Books

Mystery, friendship, and a grand adventure.

Twelve-year-old Melanie is bored with her little sister and with yet another Mardi Gras in her hometown. But when she notices a secret code built into the floats of a Mardi Gras parade, she realizes that life might have some surprises left.

Melanie and her friends set off to break the Mardi Gras code. They chase clues throughout the season’s parades, sneak into forbidden float barns, and even join forces with the intriguing boy who lives down the street.

But when they uncover the final clue, Melanie must decide how much she’s willing to risk to learn the secret of the Mardi Gras code. And she may find that the solution to the riddle isn’t the biggest reward of the chase…

The Mardi Gras Chase is the first of the True Girls series from Maggie M. Larche. If you like stories of girls with heart and intelligence – plus a touch of romance – you’ll love The Mardi Gras Chase! Try this fast, fun read today!



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