The Magic of Accelerated Learning: Discover Strategies for Effective Learning, Improved Memorization, Sharpened Focus and Become An Expert In Any Skill You Want

Written by Som Bathla
Category: · Business & Money

“Your brain has a capacity for learning that is virtually limitless, which makes every human a potential genius.” ~ Michael J. Gelb

Do you often feel stressed or overwhelmed with so much to learn and with always shortage of time? Do you often start second-guessing yourself when you see others in your domain totally crushing it?

Do you wonder why and how some people are able to learn faster, retain for longer and make better decisions in life?

What if you were exposed to scientifically proven ways to learn anything faster? What if you were told that you can master the research backed techniques to become an expert?

Imagine making intelligent decisions by using the most effective ways to learn, comprehend, memorize any information. Imagine sharpening your focus and getting things done faster through quick retrieval of knowledge –when you need it most.

The Magic of Accelerated Learning is here to help you achieve your goal of learning faster, improving memory, learning any skill you want and become an expert in your domain.

Unlock the power of your brain, Improve Memory, and Sharpen Your Focus to Accelerate your Learning

  • Learn the internal functioning of your brain and memory faculties to implant the most effective learning strategies.

  • Learn by triggering the stimulus and response formula, thanks to the theory of associative learning

  • Know the difference between real knowledge and pretend knowledge and best ways to acquire real knowledge (as billionaires follow)

Learn Advanced Techniques To Learn Anything New & Become An Expert

  • How you can become reasonably good in something new by practicing 20 hours in few simple steps.

  • Discover tricks to learn any language in significantly less time. 

  • Why 10,000 hours rule is not a magical number and What to do to become an expert in your domain.

Get Rid Of Ineffective Approaches and Discover Most Effective Ways To Learn

  • Uncover why sticking to a particular learning style will make you a fixed mindset person.
  • How most popular learning techniques are most ineffective as concluded by studies and know what works best rather.

Accelerate Your Learning By Introducing Fun And Challenges

  • how to enhance your engagement and speed of learning through games & challenges.
  • Why teaching others is followed as a highly effective strategy in world class institutions and how to use technology to accelerate it.

Abigail Adams said once.

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.” 

Whether you are a student preparing for exam or competitions, or an employee dreaming to climb the organization ladder faster or a professional wishing to dazzle clients with your expert knowledge or a caring parent who is concerned about your kids bright career, the research backed techniques in this book will pave your way to achieve your goals.

But it requires hard work and dedication. You need to commit yourself to do anything that moves you closer to your goals.

Now is your time. Take the First Step, Learn Smarter and Become an Expert in Any Skill You Want!



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