The Lord’s Secret (The Regency Renegades – Beauty and Titles) (A Regency Romance Story)

Written by Jasmine Ashford

1812, Near London, England…

A Centuries Old Title….

Docked for a full year due to poor health, Lord Aaron Bamber was thrilled to return to port. In light of the British Navy preparing to recruit in the face of the Napoleonic threats, It was small wonder that Aaron received an assignment to staged re-enactment exercises for land and sea alongside his shipmates. But nothing could have prepared him to once again set eyes on Shauna’s beautiful face.

A Forbidden Love…

Fully prepared to assist in the staged re-enactment in any way she can, Shauna didn’t expect that would mean reuniting with Aaron Bamber. It was no secret that a proposal would force him to abandon his title. Something she would never ask him. But that didn’t mean she was motivated to disclose her most closely guarded secret… A little girl with a striking resemblance to the Bamber name.

A Dangerous Game…

But when a fatal accident throws everything into suspicion, Aaron comes eye to eye with one of the most difficult decisions he had ever faced. With everything at stake and nothing to lose, Aaron and Shauna find themselves forced to survive an attack that history will never forget, or risk losing their daughter in the process…

Can Lord Bamber throw aside his title and risk his life for Shauna and his child?

Or will they all perish, forgotten and unloved by history?



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