The Life of Queen Elizabeth (Albion Monarchs)

Written by Agnes Strickland

On the 7th day of September, 1533, Elizabeth I was born.

She was the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Queen Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth I was declared illegitimate when her parents’ marriage was annulled.

Elizabeth’s early life was full of potential and promise. Despite being branded illegitimate and the jealousy of her older sister, Mary I, Elizabeth enjoyed spending time playing and studying with her younger half-brother, Edward VI.

On their father’s death, Edward VI, succeeded their father. He was merely a child at the time. However, due to religious differences, Edward VI attempted to remove Mary I from the line of succession. Following a lung disorder, Edward VI died at the tender age of 15. With both his sisters removed from the line of the throne, their cousin, Lady Jane Grey was appointed queen. But Mary I was able to depose her and became queen in 1553.

Shortly after her succession, Mary’s jealousy of Elizabeth I deepened and she ordered the imprisonment of Elizabeth as it was believed she was in engaged in a plot against Queen Mary I. Despite the Spanish Ambassadors urging, Mary I refused to have her sister executed.

Despite the harsh and solitary conditions, Elizabeth I survived the confines of the Tower and rose up to become one of England’s greatest monarchs.

Elizabeth proceeded to reign for another forty-five years. In her early years as Queen, she re-established the Reformed Church and announced that she would remain a virgin. This she did and never produced an heir to the throne.

Despite this, there were rumours of a potential marriage with Robert Dudley. However, Queen Elizabeth I offered his hand in marriage to the Queen of Scots and therefore closed off that avenue. Following this, several suitors are proposed … of which none came to fruition.

Queen Elizabeth’s relationship with the Queen of Scots took a turn for the worse and Elizabeth had her detained. With this came several threats and assassination plots on Elizabeth’s life.

Under Elizabeth’s reign, England prospered. Through wars, religious upheavals and political unrest, Queen Elizabeth I won the love of her people and her death was mourned by all.

The Life of Queen Elizabeth portrays a detailed account of the queen’s life, starting from her birth and early years to her death.

Agnes Strickland was a poet and historical writer. Born in August 1796, she and her siblings were educated by their father. Her literary career began as a poet and moved on to researching English history. She died in 1874. Other books by Agnes include Letters of Mary Queen of Scots, Lives of the Bachelor Kings of England, and Lives of the Queens of Scotland, and English Princesses.

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