The Life of George Washington (All Five Volumes) – High Quality, Satisfaction Guarantee

Written by John Marshall

“This is a top of the line edition of The Life of George Washington by John Marshall, and a classic piece of American History. 

John Marshall’s description of the life, character, and achievements of the “Father of America” is unparalleled by any other author. As a contemporary and peer of Washington, he has a unique and intimate perspective on the man that no other historian can claim. If you want a first hand description of this history changing figure, than John Marshall’s work is essential.  


That’s a good question. And I can answer it with one word: Quality. If you’ve purchased any of the $.99 versions of this text on the Kindle Store, then you know that they are generally not quality editions. They have artifacts in the text, they aren’t formatted properly, and the table of contents don’t usually work.

Here at Edwards Publishing House, we believe quality is key. It is our conviction that if the quality of the text is low, the reading experience is degraded – and works such as this one deserve a high quality edition for the Kindle. So, we took it upon ourselves to produce a high quality edition of this book for the Kindle.

Therefore, this is a high quality, professional edition of “The Life of George Washington”. Unlike other editions, this version was cleaned up and specially optimized for the Kindle, meaning you don’t have to worry about any “noise” or left over artifacts in your text. This is a real book – a real edition.  

Here are some reasons to choose this edition over the others:

– A Fully Functional Table of Contents – So that you can instantly jump to any point in the book at any time (many of the other free and low-cost versions lack this simple yet crucial feature) 

– A Clean Type-Face and Formatting – This means that the quality of the text won’t degrade your reading experience and you don’t have to worry about a “dirty” ebook.

– It is Individually Reformatted and Organized for the Kindle: Meaning it will read like a Kindle book is supposed to – beautifully. 

– The Original Text is Left Intact: This way you get the original message of the author as it was meant to be read. 

– It’s Professionally published by publishers who believe in quality.


As an added bonus, you get a 7 day money back guarantee if you don’t like the book. If you aren’t completely satisfied with “How To Analyze People On Sight”, and don’t believe you got your money’s worth, then just return it and get a full refund. No questions asked and no hassles. Just go to your account, contact Amazon through the “Contact Us” link, and a return will be issued.

With other editions you may spend less, but you get a lower quality product. On the other hand, with this edition you could be enjoying a beautiful version of John Marshall’s world changing piece of American History in just a matter of seconds. 

I hope you enjoy it!


Sean Edwards
Senior Editor
Edwards Publishing House”



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