The Legend of the Earl (Heirs of High Society) (A Regency Romance Book)

Written by Eleanor Meyers

Alexandra Smith always knew her place in life. 


As a forgotten child who’d grown up in one of London’s better orphanages, Alex knew exactly what the future held for her:
Hard work and the company of friends who’d become her only family. 
When London discovers that she’s the daughter of peer, the scandal has the power to change:
1- not only her future
2- but the fabric of Society itself. 
Justin Padmore holds a darkness. 
This had kept him chained to the shadows for years.
When he hears of the latest scandal, he knows he has an opportunity to step out into the light.

He’s ready to return to Society’s good graces and what better way to do so than to offer his charitable assistance to Alex?

But unearthing the mystery of Alexandra’s birth seems to unleash its own dangers…
Will they survive?
Or will Alex once again find herself right back where she began?


Page Count: around 510 pages



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