The Law Partners (Michael Gresham Legal Thrillers Book 3)

Written by John Ellsworth
Category: · Mystery & Suspense


Michael Gresham is a criminal attorney who defends his clients with an iron will. They know that when he takes their case they are probably going to leave the courthouse a free man or free woman. But what happens when the defender becomes the defendant himself? A law partner will have to step up and do for him what he can’t do for himself. Isn’t that how it should work?

Who Defends the Defense Lawyer…a New Twist on the Legal Financial Thriller
Watch up close as a tried and proven criminal defense lawyer is forced to face the most important case of his career. If he wins, he’s a free man. If he loses, he will die in prison. A lawyer named Harley Sturgis comes on the scene just in time–if she’s not too late already. It’s her chance to shine in a career that has all but crashed and burned around her. But here comes her last chance, a chance to redeem herself and win the case that can restore both her and Michael Gresham’s careers.

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“Legal thrills in the first degree!”–American Institute of Justice

Interview With Author John Ellsworth:

Q: Where did you get the courtroom scenes? The seem very real for a writer and the strategy is so well-explained.
A: Let’s just say I spent a good part of my youth and middle years haunting courtrooms all over America. The courtroom thriller is essentially the same no matter where it’s located or who’s on trial.

Q: The book is billed as a legal thriller. Isn’t it just as much a crime thriller too?
A: Anyone who loves stories about police and the FBI and criminal law is going to love this book. It’s a book that’s heavy on detail that just makes you feel like you’re right there.

Q: Is there any plan to continue on with the key characters in this novel?
A: There are some thoughts about continuing on with Marcel and Danny, and of course Michael Gresham. These are exciting characters to me and their stories are very compelling.

Q: So what comes next, more legal thrillers?
A: Probably, plus I’m re-writing a psychological thriller that I’m going to put out there. Exciting times for me and my readers.



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