The Lady’s Patient: A Historical Regency Romance Book (The Haskett’s)

Written by Abby Ayles

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Kitty Langley is ready to take her life into her own hands!

Kitty Langley, daughter of Baron Langley, has not led an easy life for a young woman of her standing. Suffering from a health condition since she was a young child, she is only just reaching a point where her health is strong enough to allow her to do all the things she wants to. If only society also allowed her to do such things!

Called to the bedside of an acquaintance’s injured younger brother, Kitty leaps at the opportunity. A taste of freedom, and sharing her experience and strength with an unwell child sounds like the first tentative steps into a life of her own. But Augustus Sinclair is not a child. He is the Earl of Stamford, and, although younger than his sister, very much a man.

Persevering in caring for him, Kitty soon discovers that in some ways he is indeed childish, and yet in others, he is so much wiser and more mature than she could ever hope to be. As she begins to fall for a man beyond her station, his sister, Kitty’s own battle with her health, and society itself stand in her way. Must she resign herself to longing for a man who can never be hers?

“The Lady’s Patient” is a historical regency romance novel of approximately 90,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Page Count: around 350+ pages

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