The Ice Storm (The Adventures of Ms Addie Pants, Book 2)

Written by Wendy Van de Poll

Friendship is forever, but something is keeping Annie from rescuing Addie from the humane society. Will Annie ever make it in time?
Will she make it to the humane society? Will Addie finally come home? Take Ms Addie Pants’ next adventure and discover the outcome in this timeless children’s picture book about the forever friendship between a girl and her rescue dog.

This childrens pet book is a picture book that continues the true story of the adventures of Ms Addie Pants. In book 1 she doesn’t make it home quite yet but we learn about how love heals all fear between a girl and a dog. In Book 2 we hear about Annie as she battles an ice storm to make sure she is the one that adopts Addie.

The theme of this story is Never give up on Love.

It starts with the humane society volunteer telling Annie she can’t have Addie yet. She has to wait for 4 days. On the fouth day there is an ice storm and she might not make it. The volunteer tells Annie she must get there today or Addie is going home to someone else! Annie doesnt give up and finds away to finally bring Addie home.



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