The Haunting of Hammersmith House

Written by Audrey Swindon

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A rich American couple, renting a renovated Regency manor in the UK…

But the manor has a dark past they don’t know about…

And something from that past is about to haunt them in ways they can’t possibly anticipate!

Kyle and Alexa Novak are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime—she has a short-term teaching gig at an elite private school, and she’s rich enough to rent an authentic Regency mansion, Hammersmith House, and have it appointed with all the touches she loves.

But she’s about to be touched by the dark history of Hammersmith House. A plasterer died during the building of Hammersmith under mysterious circumstances after he was accused of being a ghost by an angry, vengeful mob. And unbeknownst to Alexa and Kyle, the ghost of that plasterer lies in wait, eager to protect its realm.

That’s the compelling story line behind Audrey Swindon’s wonderfully chilling horror debut, which combines classic elements of British haunted house horror stories with some striking contemporary touches. Be the first to check out this brilliant novel, which is based on a real life ghost story!

In addition, there’s some bonus content! It consists of a brief opening excerpt from Audrey Swindon’s second novel, “The Haunting of Sawmill Manor.” So scroll back up, download the book, and start enjoying the scary fun today!



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