The Guardian Stone (The Gods and Kings Chronicles Book 2)

Written by Lee H. Haywood

Cinders and ash.

That is the future that awaits the world if Evelyn cannot control the limitless power residing in the heart of the Guardian Stone. But she is running out of time. A dozen conspiring hands are trying to claim the Orb of Azure for themselves, and worse still, she must now contest with a god.

Half a world away, Captain Bently’s quest to awaken the Guardian has failed. The cost of the journey has been high. Prince Desperous has been killed, and the mysterious wizard Ivatelo has proven more dangerous than anyone supposed possible. But a more dire truth haunts Bently’s mind — the Guardian is not the savior they seek.

THE GUARDIAN STONE tells of the struggle to save the world of the living from the dominion of the undead. But with all eyes focused on Luthuania and the final battle with the necromancer, none have noticed that an even greater menace is lurking in the Shadows, the most treacherous of all.

With the specter of defeat looming high, there is only one certainty — the world is going to burn. Will the Guardian Stone be Laveria’s salvation or the spark?

About The Gods and Kings Chronicles

Welcome to Laveria, a world of knights and kings, dragon fire and magic. Here lies a land haunted by the absence of its gods and goddesses. A timeless land where chivalry reigns, and elves and dwarves still walk the forests and the hills. A land where witches and wizards meddle in the arcane arts, and the unyielding undead hordes of the necromancer roam the earth. Lovers of High Fantasy will not be able to look away as they lose themselves in this legendary saga of gods and kings, mortals and monsters.

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