THE GREATEST SECRET (Based on true stories Book 3)

Written by Rose Fox

What happens when two devoted friends face a devastating truth?
Two inseparable friends, one Hispanic and the other the daughter of a rich American family, grow up together and are closer to one another than they could have been, had they been sisters.
When Chloe gets married, she immediately starts a family, having three daughters with her husband. Unfortunately for Emma, she and her husband are unable to conceive and their relationship begins to sour, with Sam resorting to cheating on her and treating her badly.
As the relationship crumbles, Sam spends more and more time away from home and eventually they divorce.
Emma marries Ray, finally becoming overjoyed as she falls pregnant.
With Chloe also pregnant again, now with her fourth child, it should have been that the two friends would enjoy happy lives. But there is treachery and betrayal just around the corner. And when tragedy strikes, Emma’s doctor takes it upon himself to make a decision which will change both family’s lives forever.
What will become of Emma and Chloe’s friendship? And of their marriages?
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ByP.S. Winn
This is a good quick read and the story of love, life and loss. The author takes readers into the lives of two friends, Emma and Chloe, who have known each other since they were young. As they marry, the two women find themselves moving just down the street from one another and sharing happiness and sorrow as their lives continue. This is a heart touching story, that I think readers will like. Listed as a romance, this is a story with a lot more than that packed in a short space. I would love to see this story lengthened out and made into a novel, but it is still a read to check out.

By yuliyaon
This is a real page turner; I was hooked before the end of the first chapter. This is one you won’t want to put down nor be able to guess the ending. Excellent writing with great characters, intrigue, some heartache, and romance. And then there’s the Epilogue: OMG a real surprise!

This was a Kindle First, and I’m so glad I chose it. I highly recommend it. I also think there might even be room here for a sequel.

By William
I make my wife a sitting princess every time I go on day off. I spoil her by letting her sit and practically do nothing but relax and unwind. Along with it is either I bring her a DVD of the latest movies on screen today or I give her something she loves to read and that is “Romance” books (honestly I hate romance books :)) This time I gave to her an ebook of Romance: The Greatest secret by Rose Fox and voila she loved it. She finished it almost instantly in one sitting. She talked about how nice the story was (which I pretended to listen) and kept on talking about it till we finished dinner. So to the writers credit I’m giving this a 5 star rating for making mine and my wife’s day a complete one. Cheers!



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