The Gold Train: The Destruction of the Jews and the Second World War’s Most Terrible Robbery

Written by Ronald Zweig
Category: · History

In 1944, as the Soviet army closed in on Budapest, a train rolled out of the station.

On that train were carriage after carriage of loot – gold, diamonds, furs, wedding rings – plundered in one of the most shameful crimes of the century.

Commanded by Árpád Toldi, a key organizer of the Hungarian Holocaust, and harbouring a desperate group of fascist ideologues, soldiers and thieves, the gold train was destined for a Nazi stronghold in the Alps.

It would never arrive.

Along its crazed journey the train’s contents were pilfered, fought over, hidden and scattered, until they became the stuff of legend, with legal claims unresolved even today.

What is the truth of this mythical cargo?

In ‘The Gold Train’ Ronald Zweig reveals the full story of one of the most terrible mysteries of the Second World War.

‘An amazing saga…this page-turner will leave you sorrier and wiser’ David Cesarani, Independent

‘An excellent account: calm, dispassionate and well written…strips away the myth and exposes the real story in all its brutality and confused, naïve cupidity’ Alan Judd, Daily Telegraph

‘Poignant…brilliantly told…makes compelling reading’ Geoffrey Alderman, Guardian

Ronald Zweig is the Taub Chair of Israel Studies at New York University and Director of the Taub Center for Israel Studies. He is also the director of the Meyers Paths to Peace program at N.Y.U. Previously Professor Zweig was the director of the Institute for Research in the History of Zionism at Tel Aviv University. His three books and many scholarly articles have all dealt with Jewish people and especially the suffering at the hands of the German people during World War Two. Between 1983 and 2000 he edited the Journal of Israeli History, and was also the editor of the online edition of the Palestine Post (1932-1950), a retrospective newspaper digitization project. He earned a Ph.D. in Modern History from the University of Cambridge, England.

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