The Gods and Kings Chronicles: The Complete Series: A Wizard’s Dark Dominion, The Guardian, The Guardian Stone

Written by Lee H. Haywood
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Dragons, wizards, sleeping gods, and a missing weapon that can reshape the world. Contains all three books in the epic fantasy series.

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The Gods and Kings Chronicles box set includes all three novels in the series:
A Wizard’s Dark Dominion
The Guardian
The Guardian Stone

What Reviewers are saying:

“From start to finish the story flows and travels with a masterful and well thought out rhythm, never missing a beat…. (Haywood) has laid the groundwork for what I believe will be a brilliant and exciting journey in epic fantasy.”- Book Review Village

“It’s dark, intense, and character-driven. The setting is full-to-bursting with palpable magic and struggle. And if I say much else, I think I’ll be giving far too much away. Like most good books, it’s best discovered for yourself.”

“A dark take on the old sword and sorcery genre that is refreshing and doesn’t irk you with tired clich├ęs. Read it now!

“Can’t wait to see what’s next. Worth the price of admission and then some.”

“What a riveting book! The characters were so well developed and the plot just got more exciting with every page!

“The world-building is first-class.” – Author Gavin South

The Saga begins in Book 1 – A Wizard’s Dark Dominion

When Demetry, a promising young wizard at Taper Academy, discovers a fire-damaged book hidden in the headmaster’s study, he can hardly believe his luck. The book contains the original teachings of the gods, spells and enchantments that grant men the power to manipulate the elements and bring life to the inanimate. Ignorant of the consequences, Demetry delves into the book’s dark arts. But when he fails to control the book’s most treacherous spell, it sets off a deadly chain of events that leads to war, the fall of kingdoms, and the reemergence of gods long thought dead.



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