The Girl on the Stairs: a psychological thriller

Written by V. J. Chambers
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

“Interesting, nasty characters… Twisted.”
a USA Today Bestseller

True crime writer Samson Black remembers the trial and the headlines… twelve-year-old Lola Ward cowering on the stairs, paralyzed by fear, while Nicholas Todd murdered her parents and took her hostage. She barely escaped with her life and later testified against Todd.

Nicholas Todd told a very different story. A preposterous tale of a diabolical twelve-year-old with nerves of steel.

Nicholas Todd went to prison.

Eleven years later, Lola’s all grown up—brash, confident, and alluring. She’s ready to tell her story, and she wants Sam to write it. Sam would love to reveal the truth about that fateful night and resurrect his flagging career. But before he can make sense of Lola’s twisty tale, Todd escapes from prison, seeking revenge against the woman-child who betrayed him.

Now, Sam’s life is in danger. But from who? The escaped con hot on his heels, or the woman at his side?

**Originally published as Rough Edges**



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