The Girl in the Photo (Kindle Single)

Written by Gaspar González

What happens when a stranger steps out of a photograph? More U.S. troops died in Vietnam in May 1968 than during any other month of the war. Among the casualties was the author’s brother. Not yet born, the author would come to know his brother only through photos. The one with “the girl” always stood out. No one remembered the girl’s name, or knew where to find her. For more than forty years, she remained a mystery. Then the past came calling. “The Girl in the Photo” is the story of a man’s search for the brother he never knew—the truth about how his brother had lived, and how he had died—and the lessons he learned along the way: about love, loss, and coming to terms with the past.

Gaspar González has written for, among others, The Miami Herald, Village Voice Media, and Grantland. His film credits include the PBS documentary Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami. He earned his Ph.D. in American Studies from Yale University.

Cover design by Evan Twohy.



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