The Garbage Trucks Are Here

Written by Yvonne Jones

AGE 2-5

The Parade is done
And the streets are a mess.
Here come the garbage trucks
To do what they do best.

This illustrated children’s book is for all the little boys and girls that love garbage trucks. You’ll encounter a front-loading garbage truck, a rear-loading garbage truck, a side-loading garbage truck, a grapple truck and even a wheezing and slurping vacuum truck.

Five hungry garbage trucks come to town to gobble up all the trash and waste they can find. It’s a big job, but together, they can do it.

Bits of facts about each type of garbage truck have been beautifully woven into the rhyming story, providing little garbage truck enthusiasts with a story that lets their love for these gobbling giants come to life. They will want to read it over and over again.

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