The Fog Seller: Gold Medal, Best Mystery of 2016, Readers’ Favorite — Silver Medal: Best Novel of 2016 (Pacific), IPPY Awards — Gold Award, Ind. Book Pub. Assn.

Written by Don Daglow
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

From the creator of the Emmy® Award winning Neverwinter Nights™, a novel with a unique hero, an unlikely love story, and more twists than San Francisco’s Lombard Street. It doesn’t follow the same old formulas. It’s not cozy but it’s intimate. It will make you think, with multiple honors both as a mystery and as literary fiction. Its influences include Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep, the Coen Brothers’ The Big Lebowski and J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. “Compelling, mysterious, tender and moving… The Fog Seller will charm the mind and warm the heart.” –IndieReader, March, 2017.

“Rating: 9/10. The intricate plot is ingeniously executed so that all pieces of the puzzle fit together in the end. Twists and turns that at first appear questionable end up working perfectly… The prose is top notch… The book’s distinctively original structure moves the story along briskly. Even what seems like extraneous material contributes to the backbone of the novel…” — The BookLife Prize (Publishers Weekly), September, 2017

Assassinated: The crusading politician who saved hundreds of San Francisco homes from the bulldozers of a big developer.
Accused: A mysterious young loner who speaks his own unique dialect of English and refuses to answer questions.
Unexpected: A woman who will risk her promising future for a man without a past.

“Compelling, mysterious, tender and moving, THE FOG SELLER adds layers of psychological and emotional depth to what would be, on its own, an intriguing mystery story. The author’s web of story is deftly woven, unveiling the protagonist’s hidden depths along with the mystery, while a host of quirky, lively, vivid minor characters add color to the scene. Beautifully written, a loving ode to San Francisco and the oddballs that make it the marvelous city it is, THE FOG SELLER will charm the mind and warm the heart.” — IndieReader, March, 2017.

When teacher-turned-deckhand Steve Ondelle is framed for the killing of a San Francisco Supervisor he tumbles into a world of billion-dollar deals and bizarre sexual adventures, a world where hard evidence depicts him as a misfit who turns to murder.

To expose these freshly-minted lies Steve must first make peace with a lifetime of painful truths. He travels from the piers of Sausalito to the penthouses of San Francisco, with unlikely allies like Leonard the Human Statue, Eli of the Coral Reef, The Prophet of Market Street.

And Liam the Fog Seller.

Gold Medal: Best Mystery of 2016, Readers’ Favorite Awards

Gold Medal: Best Mystery of 2016, National Indie Excellence Awards

Silver Medal: Best Novel of 2016 (Any Genre — Pacific Region), Independent Publisher IPPY Awards

Silver Medal: Best Novel of 2016 (Any Genre – Western Region), National Indie Excellence Awards

Silver Medal: Best Mystery of 2016, CLUE Awards

Gold Medal: 2016 Benjamin Franklin Book Awards (Best Fiction Cover), Independent Book Publishers Association

Gold Medal: 2017 Ariana Awards (Best Mystery Cover). Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition



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