The Englishman: Can love go the distance? (The Englishman series Book 1)

Written by Helena Halme
Category: · Romance

She’s a student from Finland. He’s a dashing British Navy Officer. Can their love go the distance?

When Kaisa is invited to the British Embassy cocktail party in Helsinki to celebrate a Royal Navy visit to Finland, she’s not looking for romance. After all, her future has been carefully planned: she’s to complete her degree, start her brilliant career, marry her respectable, well-to-do Finnish fiancé Matti, and live happily ever after.

Enter dashing Peter, a newly qualified Royal Navy Officer. Dedicated to his career, Peter has no plans to settle down. Ever. But he’s infatuated with the beautiful Kaisa. Ignoring his Captain’s warnings about Soviet honeytraps, Peter arranges a secret rendezvous with the Finnish girl.

As the young lovers steal passionate kisses in the chilly Helsinki night, Kaisa falls head over heels in love with the handsome Englishman. Peter too knows that he’s never felt like this before. But their time together is short, and in the 1980s, their love has to survive on passionate letters and infrequent long-distance telephone calls. But Kaisa’s jealous ex-fiancé doesn’t want to let go, and her old-fashioned father hates foreigners. Can Kaisa trust the gregarious Englishman? Wouldn’t she be better off concentrating on her future career in Finland, or even going back to her fiancé? While Kaisa struggles to keep up faith in the relationship, a war breaks out in the faraway Falkland Islands …

The Englishman is the first novel in a series of Finnish and British contemporary Navy fiction books.

If you liked An Officer and a Gentleman, or enjoy Nordic fiction, you’ll love this stylish love story by the Finnish author Helena Halme.



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