The Dungeon’s Town (The Slime Dungeon Chronicles Book 2)

Written by Jeffrey "Falcon" Logue

“This is one of the most unique and entertaining novels I read to date can’t wait for the next one”- reader review

“I didn’t realize how much I wanted to read a fantasy story from the dungeon’s point of view until I started reading this book”- reader review

“Fun story excellent plot I’ve read this book a few times now and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fantasy”- reader review

In the aftermath of the demonic invasion, everyone is left to recover. Claire is worries about Doc’s unending sleep. Fiora and her adventurers have split up, and the royal family mourns the loss of the Prince and Princess.

Meanwhile, people are baying for blood as news spread, and the church comes in to eliminate any demonic forces remaining. Tensions rise as the clergy begin their own agenda with the dungeon. Through it all, a town comes together with a unique bond to Doc.

The uneasy peace won’t last long however, because in this world of adventure, trouble comes in all shapes and sizes.



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