The Dragon’s Wing Enigma (Arkana Mysteries Book 3)

Written by N. S. Wikarski

Series Finale Award-Nominated as Best Mystery of the Month (L.A.S. Reviews)

For Fans of Mystery, Urban Fantasy, Alternative History, and Archaeology Adventure 

The Arkana Series
An ancient civilization hovers on the brink of collapse. Besieged by invaders, it entrusts its most precious artifacts to a band of guardians who hide the objects where no one can find them. Three thousand years later, two rival factions launch a global hunt to recover the cache. The Arkana wants to preserve it for posterity. The Nephilim wants to exploit it for a darker purpose. Caught in the crossfire is a reluctant psychic whose visions might offer the only chance of salvaging their coveted treasure.

Volume 3 – The Dragon’s Wing Enigma
In THE DRAGON’S WING ENIGMA, agents of the Arkana and the Nephilim leave no stone unturned on the island of Malta in their search for lost artifacts. The Arkana team frantically scavenges for clues among the ruined temples of the archipelago with their foes combing the same terrain only steps behind them.

A new crisis erupts on the home front when a runaway bride seeks refuge with the Arkana. The girl is the youngest wife of the Nephilim’s polygamous leader, and she may have accidentally led the Nephilim straight to the Arkana’s cache of matristic artifacts.

Matters come to a head in an isolated mountaintop cave when the relic hunters learn that their prize can only be discovered if they “keep true to the dragon’s wing.” With Nephilim operatives blocking their escape route, will they live long enough to solve the riddle? Will the Nephilim recapture their leader’s wife and breach the defenses of the Arkana itself? More than treasure is at stake this time around.



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