The Cure May Kill You: A Cassidy Hudson Mystery

Written by Carlie Lemont
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

As a physical therapist to Miami’s rich and elderly, Cassidy Hudson almost has it all. A great job that can take her around the world, good friends that have her back, and a keen eye for fashion that keeps her credit cards working overtime, but when she discovers one of her patients brutally murdered, her good life comes to a screeching halt.
As the investigation heats up, Cassidy finds herself in the hot seat in more ways than one—not only is she the prime suspect, she’s also fighting a dangerous attraction to the lead murder-investigator, the smart and sexy, Detective Cruz.
Armed with nothing but her sharp tongue and quick wit, Cassidy decides to solve her patient’s murder on her own, but quickly realizes she’s in over her head. Enlisting the help of Detective Cruz, Cassidy soon discovers that the tables have turned and she’s become the hunted. Will her next house-call be her last?



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