The Country Singer: The Story Of Loretta Lynn (HeRose & SheRose Book 6)

Written by Jeff Biggers

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Loretta Lynn’s childhood began in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, on April, 14, 1932. Loretta Lynn lived with her family deep in the hollows in the Appalachian Mountains. Her mom and dad were part Cherokee Indian. They were very poor. They didn’t have electricity, running water or an indoor bathroom.

After working in the lumber yards, and on a government jobs program, her father had to take a job in the coal mines. Paid very little, they were barely able to make ends meet. The effects of the Great Depression made life even worse. But because they kept a big garden, they did have enough to eat.

The families scattered around the hollow visited their friends and kin in the evenings. Some of the adults told stories about the forests and animals and people. Other folks liked to sing old songs or make up new ones.

Loretta Lynn as a child grew up in this world of Appalachia, listening to the songs and troubles of the people.

Loretta was a headstrong child. She smoked cigarettes, drank moonshine and turned over outhouses.

The tiny one-room schoolhouse was crowded with kids of all ages. She liked school and even helped the teacher with younger students. Her favorite school activity was the Friday performance.

She sang about the stories and the times of the people in the mountains. Many of her songs came from church. Loretta loved to sing. She felt like she could sing all day long.

Loretta’s school ended at the eighth grade. She had finished her formal education at age 13.

As part of the school tradition, there was a special beauty and pie contest. Local boys would bid on the pies made by the girls and then get the chance to meet them. This is how Loretta met her husband.

Known as Doo, the boy had a bad reputation. Doo was almost 20. He was Loretta’s first boyfriend. They fell in love and got married. Before the age of 14, she found herself pregnant. Over a period of four years, Loretta had four kids.

The couple moved to Washington State, where Doo worked on a ranch. Loretta worked, too. Mostly she did odd jobs, raised vegetables and kids.

To raise her spirits, Doo bought Loretta a guitar and encouraged her to continue her singing. She was now 24, with a ten-year-old son.

One of the interesting facts about Loretta Lynn is that Doo announced at a bar that Loretta was the best singer around. The bar owner let Loretta tryout with the band.
Loretta was terrified. She thought she had done poorly.

But the next day the band offered her a chance to sing in their next show and on the radio.

Paid five dollars for the show, Loretta thought she had died and gone to Heaven.

Soon she formed her own music group. And within months she started winning singing contests and even appeared on TV. It soon became clear that Loretta Lynn had a chance in music.

Packing up all of their belongings … and kids … Loretta and Doo headed for the center of all country music, Nashville, Tennessee.

Over the years, country singer Loretta Lynn sang her own songs at the Grand Ol’ Opry, on TV shows and in stadiums, fairs and clubs all over America. She sold millions of albums and won dozens of important awards. Loretta was selected as the Artist of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music in 1980.

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