The Colossus (blood on the Stars Book 12)

Written by Jay Allan
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The Hegemony strikes again…

The Confederation and its allies have won their first victory, retaken their capital from he forces of the Hegemony. But the enemy is not beaten, far from it, and they are back, with an unstoppable weapon, a vast superbattleship, a deadly hybrid of imperial and Hegemony technology, called the Colossus.

The great ship is enormously powerful, nearly unstoppable, and in its armored depths it hides a secret, another Hegemony weapon, one that will change the dynamic of the entire war. One that will challenge Admiral Barron, and his officers and spacers, to the greatest test they have ever faced.

The battle for the Rim has reached its climactic stage, but even as the Hegemony moves forward to claim victory, an old enemy, a terror from the distant past, is about to return…and change everything.

Don’t miss the latest action-packed volume in Jay Allan’s Blood on the Stars series.

Blood on the Stars

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Book 12 – The Colossus
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Book 14 – Enemy of My Enemy (Coming)



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