The Coffee Cookbook: Cooking with Coffee – 50 Coffee Recipes for Drinks, Desserts, Appetizers, Sides & Entrées (Recipe Top 50s Book 127)

Written by Julie Hatfield

Coffee is loved around the world. Over the years, many variations on the normal brewed cup of coffee have emerged and are enjoyed everywhere. There are even coffee flavored desserts like the popular tiramisu.

But why stop there? You can even use coffee in savory dishes! Now don’t pull up your nose, we wouldn’t recommend it if it wasn’t good. You’d be surprised how nicely coffee can blend with savory flavors and add a very special touch to a dish that will make you think “Oh coffee, how amazing you are. I thought I knew everything about you, but here I am finding out new things about you, and new uses for you.”

In this coffee cookbook, we’ll show you the way. You find recipes for appetizers, side dishes, main courses, and of course delicious coffee desserts and drinks as well. If you weren’t addicted to coffee yet, you definitely will be after making and tasting these recipes. But don’t worry about that, life is too short to not enjoy coffee every day!

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